Common Misconceptions About BOTOX®

Important Facts Fort Worth Patients Might Not Know

If you start a conversation with someone about cosmetic procedures, you will surely fall on the topic of BOTOX® injections. Fort Worth patients who are considering this treatment have likely already heard plenty about it, and not all of what they’ve heard is positive. However, there is a lot of misinformation when it comes to this procedure.

When considering BOTOX®, it's important to have the facts you need to make an informed decision. Dr. Peter Damico has been perfecting and advancing the craft of injectables for more than a decade, deploying the latest techniques and technologies to give his patients results they will love.


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Myth 1: BOTOX® Will Freeze My Facial Expressions

One of many patients' greatest fears is that this treatment will limit their ability to make facial expressions; fortunately, it's also one of the greatest misconceptions.

When applied properly and strategically, the injections will limit motions in some facial muscles, but will not affect your ability to naturally express yourself. BOTOX® should take away only the repetitive movements that lead to the appearance of wrinkles, not limit your ability to display emotions like surprise or happiness.

Myth 2: Only Patients With Wrinkles Should Get Injections

Many patients find that they want to explore their facial rejuvenation options through BOTOX® only after wrinkles begin to appear, but that doesn't have to be the case. Because it is used to treat wrinkles that form after repetitive muscle motions, Fort Worth patients don't have to wait for wrinkles to appear before they start taking action. In fact, many patients use it as a preventative measure to keep wrinkles such as crow's feet and forehead lines from forming in the first place.

BOTOX® is Just a Cosmetic Procedure

While BOTOX® is most often used for cosmetic purposes, researchers are always finding new ways to use it for treating a wide range of afflictions.

Aside from treating wrinkles, the injectable's ability to limit muscle movement has also proven hugely useful in treating people who suffer from hyperhidrosis, better known as excessive sweatiness, a condition that affects more 3 million people globally.

Additionally, because the treatment relaxes muscles, it has been shown to help people who suffer from migraines. Researchers have even documented a correlation between BOTOX® injections and an overall happier, less-stressful demeanor, which has led to advancements in treating depression.

Other non-cosmetic applications of BOTOX® include treatment for an overactive bladder, psoriasis, painful sweating, weight loss, and even as an alternative breast lift.

BOTOX® is a Toxin and Unsafe in the Body

The active ingredient is derived from a naturally occurring chemical that, when applied properly, has been shown for more than a decade to have minimal side effects, even after multiple treatments.

Any medical procedure comes with some degree of risk, but BOTOX® has proven to be among the safest procedures Fort Worth patients can have. It was approved by the FDA for cosmetic applications in 2002 and has even been labeled by some as a "lunch break procedure" because of the quickness and ease with which your doctor can administer an injection. These injections are relatively painless and the common side effects are generally mild, such as pain or swelling, eye dryness, or headache.


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