Laser Hair Removal

More Effective Than Shaving for Fort Worth, Mansfield, Colleyville, and Beyond

The shaving routine can get old, whether you're running a razor over you chin each morning or giving yourself silky smooth legs every other day. The desire to trade that ever-present chore for a long stretch of hassle-free (and hair-free) bare skin leads many people in Fort Worth and surrounding areas to choose laser hair removal at Skin Care Fort Worth.

Dr. Peter Damico uses laser hair removal on men and women who are tired of spending time on repetitive tasks to get the look they want. The treatment effectively eliminates hair from where it isn't wanted and alters future growth to make it less noticeable.


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What is Laser Hair Removal?

Unwanted hair can be removed in a variety of ways, including plucking it out with tweezers and ripping it out with wax. Laser hair removal avoids physical force. Instead of tearing hairs out of the follicles from which they grow, it uses heat to cause the targeted hairs to fall out on their own.

For laser hair removal at Skin Care Fort Worth, we use the Fotona® laser, which sends pulses of light into the skin, where pigmentation in the follicles absorbs the energy. The follicles are eventually heated to a point that damages the existing hairs and the follicles' long-term ability to grow new hairs.

A quick lesson in hair growth: Each hair goes through a series of phases, with active growth known as anagen. Only about 85 percent of a person's hairs are in this phase at a given time, and this is the only phase impacted by laser hair removal. Hairs in their transition or resting phase will not be damaged by the heat energy, and will continue to grow normally in the days and weeks after a laser hair removal session. These hairs can be removed in subsequent treatment sessions.

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How Long Will the Results Last?

Laser hair removal may also be known as permanent hair reduction, though aesthetic and medical experts refrain from calling it permanent hair removal. This is because numerous hairs that fall out do grow back after some time, but when they do, they are typically thinner and lighter than they were before, making them more difficult to spot.

The amount of time it takes for hair treated by laser hair removal to grow back varies from person to person and depends on skin tone, hormone levels, and more. Generally, results last months to years, particularly if the hair-free benefits are extended by maintenance or "touch up" visits. A full package of treatments for idea results includes about six sessions.

Repeated visits should produce increasingly effective and noticeable results.

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What Can I Expect From a Laser Hair Removal Session?

Laser hair removal treatment briefly produces a distinct, sharp sensation in the arm, though any discomfort is easily tolerated. The Fotona® laser is designed to work quickly, and Skin Care Fort Worth makes use of a fractionated handpiece that allows even larger areas, such as the back or legs, to be treated in a matter of minutes.

As noted above, one laser hair removal session will impact only a percentage of the unwanted hairs, so multiple treatments will be necessary. Ideal aesthetic results may require up to five sessions, each spaced six to eight weeks apart. The specific number of treatments necessary depends on the patient's skin, hair color and density, the area targeted for removal, early results, and more.

How Should I Prepare For My Laser Hair Removal Session?

Since the energy delivered in a laser hair removal treatment focuses on follicles, patients should avoid doing anything to alter or damage their follicles in the days before their session at Skin Care Fort Worth. Physically pulling hair out by the roots can create conditions that yield less-than-optimal results, so refrain from any tweezing, plucking, or waxing prior to a laser hair removal session. Cutting hair is generally considered to be fine, but be prepared to discuss what to do and not do at your consultation.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Though laser hair removal targets pigment in follicles, the energy it emits can cause some redness in the surrounding skin, similar to a sunburn. This coloration and any related sensation will fade, typically in a matter of days.

Beyond Laser Hair Removal

The aesthetic benefits of lasers can improve the appearance of a patient's skin in a number of ways, including laser vein treatment to get rid of spider and other unsightly veins.


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