PRP for Fort Worth

Harness the Power of Your Own Body for Rejuvenation

Anyone's skin can benefit from a little boost now and then, which makes revitalizing treatments so effective. When handled by an experienced provider, such as Dr. Peter Damico, a rejuvenating session can make men and women alike look refreshed, renewed, and relaxed. There are a variety of products that can do this, but there's one in particular that comes from a patient's own body: PRP. Fort Worth-area residents can enjoy the benefits of this—and learn more about it—at Skin Care Fort Worth.

Known as platelet-rich plasma, PRP is injected to stimulate natural healing processes in the skin. Because each patient’s treatment comes from his or her own body, concerns over allergic reactions are very low. While the process involves both extracting blood and injecting elements of that blood back into the body, side effects are minimal, and there is no recovery or down time needed.


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How Does PRP Work?

The PRP process starts with Dr. Damico taking some of a patient's blood. This blood will then be spun in a centrifuge to separate out the most valuable components. The platelets in the blood—cells that facilitate clotting and healing—are concentrated. Once properly processed, the result is a platelet-rich plasma.

When this PRP is injected into the skin, the platelets continue to perform their designated roles as health-improving cells. Thanks to their concentration in the plasma, and to the carefully selected areas where they are injected, their introduction can stimulate renewed collagen production and tissue regeneration.

The healing can smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, even out tone and pigmentation, and give skin an overall healthy and youthful glow.

While PRP can be used as a standalone technique, it pairs well with other treatments—especially those that create miniature wounds intended to promote rejuvenation through healing. Microneedling and PRP work particularly well together, as both stimulate collagen production. Each treatment’s benefits enhances the other's.

PRP has been used for years as a medical resource, with surgeons using it to help resolve tendon, ligament, and muscle problems. Its collection and delivery is handled in much the same way in medical and cosmetic settings.

Other Skin Rejuvenation Options

While microneedling is enhanced by PRP, microneedling can also performed on its own. As noted above, the tiny channels created by the device stimulate collagen production and allow for the improved absorption of beneficial serums as desired.

Another skin-rejuvenation treatment available at Skin Care Fort Worth is the chemical peel, which involves the application of a solution that removes the causes the outermost layer of skin to flake and peel away to reveal younger, fresher, smoother skin beneath. This treatment requires some amount of down time, as skin heals and results become visible.

Talk to Dr. Damico and his team to determine whether PRP or a combination of treatments would best suit your skin and deliver your desired results. Since every patient is different, the ideal treatment will differ from person to person.


Let us create a skin care plan that is right for you.

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