AQUAGOLD® fine touch™

The Perfect Finishing Touch

Dr. Damico is pleased to announce the availability of the new AQUAGOLD® fine touch™ microchannel device from Aquavit Pharmaceuticals. Skin Care Fort Worth is one of the first locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex to provide AQUAGOLD treatments, which can be used in combination with other common procedures such as Botox®, hyaluronic acid fillers and many of our other aesthetic treatments.
AQUAGOLD fine touch is a unique microchannel device that effectively and comfortably delivers small droplets of treatment solutions directly into the skin allowing for greater absorption of the active ingredients. AQUAGOLD treatments provide an enhanced ability to address fine lines, increase collagen stimulation and improve overall moisture and rejuvenation of the skin.

What is AQUAGOLD®?

Because AQUAGOLD is a relatively new treatment option, you may be wondering what all the buzz is about! If you are familiar with the MicroNeedling procedure, AQUAGOLD is a way to deliver more than just a beneficial serum to your skin’s dermis. AQUAGOLD also features twenty 99.9% pure gold-plated surgical grade stainless steel micro-channels (small needle-like structures, similar to micro-needles), each thinner than a human hair. 
To add to the confusion, every provider must come up with their own unique recipe, or “cocktail”, to place within the device. This is where we believe Skin Care Fort Worth stands out from the crowd. Our AQUAGOLD recipe has been personally formulated by Dr. Damico and Laurel with ingredients that only a doctor has access to and which we believe will give you the best results! 
Dr. Damico and Laurel personally developed an AQUAGOLD recipe that delivers excellent results
Dr. Damico and Laurel formulating our unique AQUAGOLD® recipe

What is the recipe for Skin Care Fort Worth’s AQUAGOLD® cocktail?

While we will refrain from posting our exact recipe on our website for privacy reasons, we are happy to showcase some of the main ingredients we place in our AQUAGOLD device. 
The first ingredient we put in our AQUAGOLD cocktail is Botox®, of course! The addition of Botox® to our AQUAGOLD cocktail helps to shrink the size of your pores and works to diminish the appearance of fine lines.
Another ingredient we add to our AQUAGOLD cocktail is the hyaluronic acid filler Juvederm®. Juvederm is made of a substance that loves water. Because of this, the Juvederm in our cocktail gives your skin a porcelain glow.
Dr. Damico has also chosen to include an ingredient in his AQUAGOLD cocktail recipe that Laurel likes to say acts as a “fertilizer for your skin,” creating an effect that stimulates collagen growth and improves your skin’s elasticity. 
Together with our other minor ingredients, it is this unique cocktail offered only by Skin Care Fort Worth that we believe defines Clinical Luxury™.

What results can I expect after an AQUAGOLD® treatment at Skin Care Fort Worth?

The results you can expect from an AQUAGOLD treatment in general rely heavily on the ingredients included in the cocktail. Because our cocktail includes Botox®, Juvederm®, and other high quality ingredients, you can expect the results to take effect starting at two days after treatment and results will continue to improve for the three weeks following treatment. The Juvederm takes effect after about two days, the Botox® will take effect in seven to ten days, and you will see a healthy glow from the other ingredients in two to three weeks.
On average, your results will last six to eight months, with some people enjoying the benefits of their AQUAGOLD treatment for up to a year.

Experience AquaGold at Skin Care Fort Worth

How much does an AQUAGOLD® treatment cost?

You will find lots of variance in the cost for this procedure all over the Metroplex. At Skin Care Fort Worth, we offer our AQUAGOLD for $1200. This is because, as mentioned, everyone creates their own recipe! Some places do not have the ability to include the premium ingredients we do, such as Juvederm®, Botox®, and other exclusive, high quality ingredients and instead they might use ingredients such as vitamins. Because Dr. Damico and Laurel believe in high quality results, we choose high quality ingredients for this procedure.

Does receiving an AQUAGOLD® fine touch treatment hurt?

Not at Skin Care Fort Worth! We can only speak for ourselves when it comes to this question, as we have heard complaints about the pain others have endured elsewhere, describing it as “almost as painful as getting a tattoo.” But because Skin Care Fort Worth is owned and operated by Peter J. Damico, M.D., we have access to prescription-level numbing cream which we apply early on in your appointment time for every AQUAGOLD® MicroNeedling patient who comes through our doors! You will be comfortable and relaxed during your treatment here at Skin Care Fort Worth. 

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