Botox® 101: What is a Unit of Botox®?

What is a Unit of Botox®? Skin Care Fort Worth's Dr. Peter Damico explains.

Dr. Damico is here to answer all of your Botox® questions

Botox®. You’ve heard of it, your friends are obsessed with it, and now you want it too! But you don’t know exactly how to navigate through all the jargon surrounding the most well-known anti-wrinkle treatment out there.
Don’t worry, you’re not alone! In fact, we have had so many people ask us these questions that Dr. Damico wanted to make this video to give you some answers.
So, if you’re scared to get rid of your facial lines, Dr. Damico is here to put your fears to rest!

In this vlog, Dr. Damico will answer your questions such as:

  • What is a unit of Botox®?
  • What determines how much Botox® I will need?
  • How much Botox® is in one unit?
  • What’s your Botox® recipe at Skin Care Fort Worth?
And if you find yourself aspiring to be a total Botox® nerd, you will also love Dr. Damico’s Extra Credit section!

Please enjoy our first episode of Botox® 101: What is a Unit of Botox®?

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