Botox 101: Bruxism Relief and Jaw Slimming

Botox 101: Bruxism Relief and Jaw Slimming

Dr. Damico has always enjoyed how versatile Botox is for treating his patients’ varying concerns. One of the creative ways that he likes to use Botox is in the jaw!

Treating your jaw with Botox has several benefits including relief from teeth grinding, bruxism, TMJ disorder and all the related headaches. Treating your jaw muscle, called the “masseter”, with a larger dose of Botox can also help slim your jawline. 

It’s unfortunate that many people think that they have to go under anesthesia, shave their bones down, and recover from surgery when in fact, many people are fine candidates for non-surgical jaw slimming done with a few simple treatments of Botox.

My name is Irene, and in the video, you can see Dr. Damico treating me for teeth grinding and TMJ Disorder with Botox. (This video does show the injection taking place- viewer discretion advised.)


The entire treatment took less than 10 minutes! I used an ice pack to numb the area and felt nothing during my treatment. “The worst part is the ice!”, you can hear Dr. Damico say in the video. That was true! But it wasn’t bad at all. This is the only treatment area that Dr. Damico would use ice instead of his topical numbing cream. 

I have been treated for teeth grinding and the related headaches twice now, experiencing relief from my symptoms for about 6 months each time. However, my first treatment required a larger dose of Botox since my jaw muscles were so strong! 

The first time I was treated, Dr. Damico put 25 units of Botox in each of my masseter muscles. That means my treatment was 50 units in total, and at $12 per unit, my treatment value was $600. The second time I got treated, my muscle had thankfully gotten weaker! Dr. Damico only used 40 units, valued at $480. But I have to say, the improvement to my quality of life is truly priceless! My headaches were affecting my ability to go to class, work, hang out with friends, and do the things I enjoy doing. Botox gave me the freedom to stop constantly taking pain relief medicine for these non-stop headaches!

Since the masseter is one of the main muscles holding your mouth shut, I asked Dr. Damico why this treatment doesn’t cause people to walk around with their mouths hanging open! Fair question, right?! He told me that he would have to use A LOT more Botox to cause that to happen, and since the masseter is such a big muscle (relatively speaking) that the doses he uses would be incredibly unlikely to cause such a side effect. The first time I got treated, my jaw was tired for about a week, but the second time I had no side effects at all. I never had any issue holding my mouth closed, but I did actually notice that I was clenching my jaw a whole lot less!

What if you like the shape of your face but want this treatment for teeth grinding and headaches? Not to worry, Dr. Damico will asses your jaw muscles and create a treatment plan tailored to your goals, just like he did for me! By using a smaller dose, and having the treatments spread about 6 months apart, Dr. Damico was able to avoid shrinking my jaw muscles to the point of changing my face shape, which I did not want! So I was definitely happy about that too.

For the month of September 2019, Dr. Damico is putting this treatment on special! Botox used in the jaw during the month of September 2019 is $11/unit! [*terms&conditions below]


Botox Jaw Treatment cost estimates: ($11/unit for Sept. 2019)
40 units total: $440 (Save $40)
50 units total: $550 (Save $50)
60 units total: $660 (Save $60)


This special will also apply to anyone who wants to slim their jaw without surgery!


Dr. Damico may use a larger dose of Botox to slim the jaw. That’s because the large appearance of your jaw can be caused by the large size of the masseter muscle. When you compare the size to the strength, Dr. Damico says that the masseters are some of the strongest muscles in your body! Botox reduces the size of your jaw through a process called atrophy. The muscle will get weaker, just like how your biceps could shrink if you stopped working them out!

Before and After a Botox jaw slimming treatment. Pictures show reduction in the size and angle of her jaw
Botox jaw slimming treatment by Dr. Damico


To get the best results for jaw slimming, Dr. Damico recommends 2-3 treatments that are 3 months apart. If you don’t like the appearance of your jaw, consider coming in for a free consultation to discuss if you are a good candidate for jaw reduction with Botox! Fill out the form below and we will reach out to you with an appointment time!

*This special offer cannot be combined with any other offer from Dr. Damico/Skin Care Fort Worth (eg. Our $50 off New Patient offer). You can still use your Brilliant Distinctions rewards, vouchers, and rebates in combination. This special is exclusive to treating the masseter (“jaw muscles”) during the month of September, 2019. Botox used in any other area of the face will be charged at normal price, $12/unit, even if administered during the same treatment session.

Dr. Damico/Skin Care Fort Worth does not accept insurance for any Botox treatments. Payment options can be found here.

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