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Our Fotona SP Dynamis Pro laser does a masterful job of evening out your facial skin tone when it comes to sun damage, rosacea, or broken capillaries. It also offers patients relief from unwanted facial hair. Dr. Peter Damico chose the Fotona laser for Skin Care Fort Worth because of its versatility, ease of use, and record of success and safety.

At Skin Care Fort Worth, we want you to have a wonderful experience! That’s why in order to maximize your comfort, we offer all laser patients a free topical numbing cream in addition to our machine’s constant stream of very cold air. Eye protection will also be provided.

Our Laser Treatments

Laser for facial broken capillaries

Broken capillaries appear when the tiny blood vessels get too close to your skin’s surface- but the dark lines and webs they create don’t have to stay. Our laser can eliminate the unwanted strands of blue and red snaking across your nose, cheeks or elsewhere on your face.

The laser uses its heat energy to essentially seal off an unwanted vein, causing it to collapse and disappear over time. Your body has plenty of options when it comes to your vascular system and healthy circulation will remain in the treatment area. The treatment session itself is fast and simple, though the physical disappearance of the vein may take longer to dissipate.

The number of treatments necessary depends on the patient and the scope of the problem, but eventually the webs of capillaries can disappear entirely.

man before laser treatment for broken capillaries in cheeksMan after laser treatment has no broken capillaries in his cheeks

Dr. Damico’s patient treated for broken capillaries on the cheeks

Most people will find that they only need one treatment session to get the results they desire. Your initial treatment session will be $600 for the first 30 minutes with the laser.

Once facial spider veins are treated, those particular veins are destroyed forever. New unwanted veins can appear, however, especially in patients predisposed to developing them. Dr. Damico is happy to talk to you about how to reduce the likelihood of new veins forming, as well as the possibility of future treatments if new veins form when you come in for your treatment.

Capillaries are the smallest of all blood vessels in the body. There are many factors that contribute to a person’s likelihood of developing them, including genetics, life style choices, and hormone shifts. Skin damage may trigger broken capillaries, but blood vessels also may dilate, break, and otherwise become visible just below the skin for any number of reasons. Pregnancy, which includes can contribute to a woman’s chance of developing broken capillaries. Alcohol consumption, which dilates blood vessels, can make broken capillaries more likely, especially on the nose.

There are not many side effects associated with laser vein removal, though there is some chance of skin redness, bruising, and more. Any skin reactions due to the removal of broken veins should clear up in a matter of weeks. People who wish to preserve their facial hair, such as a glorious beard, may wish to refrain from receiving facial laser treatments so as to avoid the risk of patchy or uneven hair growth.

Visiting a qualified and experienced doctor for your session minimizes the risks and ensures that you are seeking care from someone knowledgeable with the procedure. You are welcome to bring any questions you have about broken capillary treatment to Dr. Damico. Individual results may vary.

Laser for unwanted facial hair

Laser hair removal effectively eliminates hair from where it isn’t wanted on your face or neck. Our state-of-the-art Fotona laser is also safe for all skin tones, which is a feature you may not find at other clinics and med spas offering laser hair removal. However, it is common for people with darker complexions to need more treatments due to the proper settings for use on darker skin tones.

The Fotona® laser is designed to work quickly and allows larger areas to be treated in a matter of minutes. 

Understanding your laser hair removal treatment

Diagram explains Laser Hair Removal. Before: dark hair in the follicle. Treatment: Exposure to pulses of laser light case the melanin in hair to absorb the light and heat up. After: The hair is no longer in the follicle.

Each hair on your face goes through a series of phases, with only about 85 percent of your hair in its active growing phase at a time. The actively growing hair is the only hair impacted by laser hair removal during any singular treatment session. Hairs in their transition or resting phase will not be affected by the laser, and will continue to grow normally in the days and weeks after a laser hair removal session.

Not to worry! These hairs can be removed by subsequent treatment sessions! Hair that grows on your neck and above has about a 6-week cycle. (Hair below your neck cycles at about 8 weeks.) Because we know this, we are able to treat all of your unwanted hair over a specific period of time with multiple treatment sessions.

This does mean, however, that until treatment is complete, you will still see hair growth as we work towards eliminating every hair growth cycle.

At Skin Care Fort Worth, each laser hair removal treatment session for unwanted facial hair is $200-350, depending on the area you wish to get treated. On average, our patients come in for anywhere between 6 to 10 treatment sessions to achieve their ideal results.

The best way to estimate an overall cost is to come in to see us for a free consultation! That way, we can evaluate how the laser will work with your skin tone, hair color and texture. If you have a lighter skin tone, you will typically see a 20% reduction in unwanted hair growth after each treatment session. If you have a darker skin tone, you will likely require more sessions to obtain the same results because the laser must be put on lower settings to protect your skin.

The amount of time it takes for hair treated by laser hair removal to grow back varies from person to person and depends on your skin tone, hormone levels, and other factors. Generally, results can last years, but individual results may vary.

You can always extend and maintain your hair-free benefits with “touch up” visits. 

As discussed earlier, one laser hair removal session will impact only a percentage of your unwanted hairs, so multiple treatments will be necessary. Ideal results will require multiple sessions, each spaced six to eight weeks apart. The specific number of treatments necessary depends on the patient’s skin, hair color and density, the area targeted for removal and more. As you return for your scheduled treatment sessions, you should see increasingly effective and noticeable results.

Since the energy delivered in a laser hair removal treatment focuses on your hair follicles, please avoid doing anything to alter or damage your hair follicles in the days before your treatment session.

Physically pulling hair out by the roots can cause less-than-optimal results, so don’t tweeze, pluck, or wax before you come to your laser hair removal session. Cutting hair is generally considered to be fine, but for best results, hair should be left to its natural state. Think of it almost as if you were getting waxed- if there is nothing there for the wax to pull out, you can’t get it done! Similarly with the laser, the hair needs to be present in order for you to have an effective treatment.

Though laser hair removal targets pigment in hair follicles, the energy it emits can cause some redness in the surrounding skin, similar to a sunburn. This coloration and any related sensation will fade, typically in a matter of days.

People who wish to preserve their facial hair, such as a glorious beard, may wish to refrain from receiving facial laser treatments so as to avoid patchy or uneven hair growth.

This is not an exhaustive list of possible side effects and individual results may vary. Questions about possible side effects are always welcome during a complimentary consultation.

Laser for brown spots

Sun spot, age spot, brown spot- whatever you want to call it, our laser can treat it! You will be impressed at what a little light, properly focused, can do for your skin. The laser is very effective in permanently removing age spots and with minimal down time. Results are typically achievable in only one treatment session. In addition, our laser gives us the ability to safely treat people of any skin tone, which you may find to be an issue at your run-of-the-mill medspa.

Man's profile before laser spot removal and non-surgical face liftpost-procedure picture for laser treatment for age spots

Dr. Damico’s patient treated for brown age spots

One treatment session, which typically results in a complete treatment of age spots, starts at $400-600.

The special qualities of the Fotona® laser decrease the likelihood of undesired effects such as hypopigmentation (white spots) and persistent erythema (redness), though these are possible side effects. People who wish to preserve their facial hair, such as a glorious beard, may wish to refrain from receiving facial laser treatments so as to avoid the risk of patchy or uneven hair growth. 

Dr. Damico or his aesthetic consultant, Laurel, will be happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have at your consultation.

Laser for rosacea

While rosacea has no known cure, its symptoms can be manageable. Rosacea is mainly associated with facial redness that can include flushed cheeks and broken veins (telangiectasia). Both conditions can be symptoms of rosacea, but the disease can also trigger the development of pustules, dry skin, plaques, and more.

Your initial treatment session will be $400. Rosacea treatment with a laser will most likely involve maintenance sessions which are helpful for deterring the unwanted symptoms people with rosacea experience.

Laser treatments allow many people to find significant relief from their symptoms, though there is no known cure for rosacea.

There are not many side effects associated with laser rosacea treatment, though there is some chance of skin redness that should go away in a matter of hours. Down time is very minimal if any at all. People who wish to preserve their facial hair, such as a glorious beard, may wish to refrain from receiving facial laser treatments so as to avoid the risk of patchy or uneven hair growth.

Visiting a qualified and experienced doctor for your laser treatment minimizes the risks and ensures that you are seeking care from someone knowledgeable with the procedure. Individual results may vary.

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