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Say goodbye to unwanted hair

The shaving routine can get old. Plucking or waxing can be a painful solution that only lasts a matter of weeks. The desire to trade that ever-present chore for a long stretch of hassle-free bare skin leads many people in Fort Worth to choose laser hair removal at Skin Care Fort Worth.
Laser hair removal effectively eliminates hair from where it isn’t wanted, such as on your face or under your arms. Our state-of-the-art Fotona laser is also safe for all skin tones, which is a feature you may not find at other clinics and med spas offering laser hair removal. At Skin Care Fort Worth, we want you to have a wonderful experience! That’s why in order to maximize your comfort, we offer all laser patients a free topical numbing cream in addition to our machine’s constant stream of very cold air.
If you are interested in hair removal of a large area of your body, such as your legs, back, or chest, we direct clients with these sorts of concerns to our trusted aesthetician partner, Shannon Moon. She can be contacted through her website here. Thank you for visiting us online at Skin Care Fort Worth!

How does laser hair removal work?

Unwanted hair can be removed in a variety of ways, including plucking it out with tweezers and ripping it out with wax. Instead of tearing hairs out of the follicles, our laser uses heat to cause the targeted hairs to fall out on their own, avoiding physical force. At Skin Care Fort Worth, we also offer a numbing cream for your treatment and keep a constant flow of very cold air on the area to avoid as much pain as possible! 
For laser hair removal at Skin Care Fort Worth, we use the Fotona® laser, which sends pulses of light into the skin, where pigmentation (color) in the follicles absorbs the energy. When the follicles are heated to a certain point, your laser treatment does two things. First, it gets rid of the hair currently on your body. Second, it eliminates the follicles’ long-term ability to grow new hairs.

Understanding your treatment

Each hair goes through a series of phases, with only about 85 percent of your hair in its active growing phase at a time. This is the only hair impacted by laser hair removal. Hairs in their transition or resting phase will not be affected by the laser’s heat energy, and will continue to grow normally in the days and weeks after a laser hair removal session. Not to worry, these hairs can be removed by subsequent treatment sessions! Hair that grows on your neck and above has about a 6 week cycle. Hair below your neck cycles at about 8 weeks. Because we know this, we are able to treat all of your unwanted hair over a period of time with multiple treatment sessions. This does mean, however, that until treatment is complete, you will still see hair growth as we work towards eliminating every hair growth cycle.
Laser hair

What can I expect from a laser hair removal treatment?

Laser hair removal treatment briefly produces a distinct, sharp sensation, though any discomfort is easily tolerated. As mentioned before, we offer a numbing cream for each of your treatment areas. In addition to this, wherever the laser goes, we place a steady stream of very cold air to help keep you comfortable during your treatment. The Fotona® laser is designed to work quickly, and when necessary, Skin Care Fort Worth makes use of a handpiece that allows larger areas to be treated in a matter of minutes.
As discussed earlier, one laser hair removal session will impact only a percentage of your unwanted hairs, so multiple treatments will be necessary. Ideal results may require multiple sessions, each spaced six to eight weeks apart. The specific number of treatments necessary depends on the patient’s skin, hair color and density, the area targeted for removal, early results, and more.
Skin Care Fort Worth is proud to offer hair removal services to people with any skin tone, a feature of our laser that you may not find at just any medspa or skin clinic. Dr. Damico has been professionally trained to know which settings are safe for the tone of your skin and color of your hair. It is common for people with darker complexions to experience a need for more treatments due to the proper settings for use on darker skin tones.
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Laser hair removal for unwanted hair, laser facial hair, armpit hair, underarm hair removal in Fort Worth, Texas 

I have an appointment! Now what?

Since the energy delivered in a laser hair removal treatment focuses on your hair follicles, *please avoid doing anything to alter or damage your hair follicles in the days before your treatment session.* Physically pulling hair out by the roots can cause less-than-optimal results, so don’t tweeze, pluck, or wax before you come to your laser hair removal session. Cutting hair is generally considered to be fine, but for best results, hair should be left to its natural state. Think of it almost as if you were getting waxed- if there is nothing there for the wax to pull out, you can’t get it done! Similarly with the laser, the hair needs to be present in order for you to have an effective treatment. 

Learn more about laser hair removal

How long will my results last?  

Laser hair removal may also be known as “permanent hair reduction.” This is because some hairs that fall out may grow back after some time. When they do, they are typically thinner and lighter than they were before, making them more difficult to spot.

The amount of time it takes for hair treated by laser hair removal to grow back varies from person to person and depends on your skin tone, hormone levels, and other factors. Generally, results last months to years. You can always extend and maintain your hair-free benefits with ”touch up” visits. A full treatment for ideal results will typically include about six to ten sessions. As you return for your scheduled treatment sessions, you should see increasingly effective and noticeable results.

How much does laser hair removal cost?  

At Skin Care Fort Worth, each laser hair removal treatment session for unwanted facial hair is $200-250, depending on the area you wish to get treated. Each treatment session for underarm hair is $200. We do not typically treat large areas of the body for hair removal such as legs, chest, and back. We direct clients with these sorts of concerns to our trusted aesthetician partner, Shannon Moon. She can be contacted through her website here.

The best way to estimate an overall cost is to come in to see us for a free consultation! That way, we can evaluate how the laser will work with your skin tone, hair color and texture. If you have a lighter skin tone, you will typically see a 20% reduction in unwanted hair growth after each treatment session. If you have a darker skin tone, you will likely require more sessions to obtain the same results because the laser must be put on lower settings to protect your skin. On average, our patients come in for anywhere between 6 to 10 treatment sessions to achieve their ideal results.

6 treatments X ~$200 = $1200

10 treatments X ~$200 = $2000

Are there any side effects?  

Though laser hair removal targets pigment in hair follicles, the energy it emits can cause some redness in the surrounding skin, similar to a sunburn. This coloration and any related sensation will fade, typically in a matter of days. Individual results may vary.

Beyond laser hair removal

Our laser does more than just hair removal. It also does an excellent job at removing brown age spots and treating facial broken capillaries. Skin Care Fort Worth also proudly offers Microneedling, a great way to get your next glow-up by resurfacing and revitalizing your skin.
Of course, Dr. Damico is known for his artistic eye and has all of your anti-wrinkle and filler needs covered! Many people are aware of their wrinkles, but you might be shocked to learn what a difference restoring lost volume to your face and even hands can do! 

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