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When it comes to looking your best, the brutal sun isn’t doing you any favors. As we age, our skin develops discolorations due to the sun’s harmful rays. To the contrary, the healing heat energy from an expertly applied laser treatment can do amazing things for your face. Our Fotona SP Dynamis Pro laser does a masterful job of evening out your facial skin tone when it comes to sun damage, rosacea, or broken capillaries. Toenail fungus is cleared away by our laser in as little as one treatment! We offer a complimentary numbing cream and a steady stream of very cold air with all laser treatments to ensure a maximum level of comfort during your treatment sessions.
Dr. Peter Damico chose the Fotona laser for Skin Care Fort Worth because of its versatility, ease of use, and record of success and safety. The energy it provides brings relief to patients suffering from the redness of rosacea, the discomfort of fungal infections, and more.

Treatment for skin spots

Sun spot, age spot, brown spot- whatever you want to call it, our laser can treat it! You will be impressed at what a little light, properly focused, can do for your skin. In addition, our laser gives us the ability to safely treat people of any skin tone, which you may find to be an issue at your run-of-the-mill med spa.
laser skin treatment, age spot removal, sun spot removal fort worth
Dr. Damico's patient before and after laser brown spot removal

How long do the results last?

The laser is very effective in permanently removing age spots and with minimal down time. Results are typically achievable in only one treatment session!

How much does spot removal cost?

One treatment session, which typically results in a complete treatment of age spots, starts at $400.

Are there any side effects?

Although rare, hyper-pigmentation or hypo-pigmentation may result from laser skin spot removal. Dr. Damico or his aesthetic consultant, Laurel, will be happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have at your consultation or appointment.

Treatment for broken facial capillaries 

Broken capillaries appear when blood gets too close to your skin’s surface, but the dark lines and webs they create don’t have to stay. Your body has plenty of veins that work to keep blood properly moving as it should. Laser vein removal can eliminate the unwanted strands of blue and red snaking across noses and elsewhere, ultimately preserving both unblemished skin and blood flow necessary for good health.
Dr. Peter Damico and his team at Skin Care Fort Worth can explain how even one quick and easy laser vein treatment can improve the appearance of spider veins. The number of treatments necessary depends on the patient and the nature and scope of the problem, but eventually the aesthetic annoyance can disappear entirely.

What causes broken capillaries?

Capillaries are the smallest of all blood vessels in the body. There are many factors that contribute to a person’s likelihood of developing them, including genetics, life style choices, and hormone shifts. Skin damage may trigger broken capillaries, but blood vessels also may dilate, break, and otherwise become visible just below the skin for any number of reasons. Thin skin and veins with a tendency to dilate and remain dilated add to the problem of spider veins.
Pregnancy, which includes weight fluctuations, changes to hormone balances, and potential periods of immobility in late stages, can contribute to a woman’s chance of developing spider veins. Alcohol consumption, which dilates blood vessels, can make broken capillaries more likely, especially on the nose.

How does the laser treat broken capillaries?

Broken capillaries become visible because they are close to the skin’s surface and they are dark blue, red, or purplish due to the blood flowing through the area. In order to eliminate these unsightly veins from your face, the laser uses its heat energy to essentially seal off an unwanted vein, causing it to collapse and disappear over time. As mentioned before, your body has plenty of options when it comes to your vascular system and healthy circulation will remain in the treatment area.
The treatment session itself is fast and simple, though the physical disappearance of the vein will take longer.
Broken Capillaries on face treated by laser, laser vein treatment
Dr. Damico's patient found relief from broken capillaries in his cheeks and nose.

What can I expect from a broken capillaries treatment?

Since the veins to be treated are on your face, you will be given eye protection to prevent accidental exposure to the laser being used. For your comfort, we also offer complimentary numbing cream with our laser treatment procedures. Once you are prepared, the handpiece will be moved over the spider veins, ensuring the even application of heat energy to treat the area. The process takes minutes, and there is no downtime required after your session.

How long do vein removal results last?

Once spider veins are treated, those particular veins are destroyed. New unwanted veins can appear, however, especially in patients predisposed to developing them. Dr. Damico is happy to talk to you about how to reduce the likelihood of new veins forming, as well as the possibility of future treatments if new veins form when you come in for your treatment. (Schedule a free consultation by filling out the form at the bottom of this page!)

How much does broken capillaries treatment cost?

Most people will find that they only need one treatment session to get the results they desire. Your initial treatment session will be $400 for the first 30 minutes with the laser. If you happen to need a touch-up session, it will only be $275.

Are there any possible side effects?

There are not many side effects associated with laser vein removal, though there is some chance of skin redness, bruising, and more. Any skin reactions due to the removal of spider veins should clear up in a matter of weeks.
Visiting a qualified and experienced doctor for your session minimizes the risks and ensures that you are seeking care from someone knowledgeable with the procedure. You are welcome to bring any questions you have about broken capillary treatment to Dr. Damico. Individual results may vary. 

Treatment for rosacea

While rosacea has no known cure, its symptoms can be manageable. Rosacea is mainly associated with facial redness that can include flushed cheeks and broken veins (telangiectasia). Both conditions can be symptoms of rosacea, but the disease can also trigger the development of pustules, dry skin, plaques, and more. Dr. Peter Damico or his aesthetic consultant Laurel will be happy to discuss your options for how laser treatment may help you.

How long do rosacea laser treatment results last?

As you may know, rosacea does not have a known cure. Laser treatments allow many people to find significant and lasting relief from their symptoms. Dr. Damico or his aesthetic consultant, Laurel, are happy to talk to you about how to maintain rosacea symptoms with our laser when you come in for your appointment. (Schedule a free consultation by filling out the form at the bottom of this page!)

How much does a rosacea treatment cost?

Your initial treatment session will be $225. Rosacea treatment with a laser will most likely involve maintenance sessions which are helpful for deterring the unwanted symptoms people with rosacea experience.

Are there any possible side effects?

There are not many side effects associated with laser rosacea treatment, though there is some chance of skin redness that should go away in a matter of hours. Down time is very minimal if any at all. 
Visiting a qualified and experienced doctor for your session minimizes the risks and ensures that you are seeking care from someone knowledgeable with the procedure. You are welcome to bring any questions you have about laser rosacea treatment to Dr. Damico during your free consultation or appointment. Individual results may vary. 

Treatment for toenail fungus

Onychomycosis is a fungal infection that begins in a nail, causing nail distortion that can look unpleasant, and even cause discomfort. If you are suffering with a toenail fungus infection, you may be pleased to know that our laser can kill the fungus in your nail bed, as well as the surrounding tissue, making way for a healthy new nail to grow.

How much does toenail fungus treatment cost?

Patients with light to moderate cases may only need a single session, while more serious cases could require multiple toenail fungus treatments spaced weeks apart to achieve ideal results. Your initial treatment session will cost $450.

How long until I see results from my treatment session?

Your new, healthy nail will appear and grow in over a matter of months. Any questions or concerns you may have regarding your toenail treatment plan may be addressed in your consultation or appointment, which you can schedule by filling out a form below or by calling us at (817) 738-9268.

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