Minimally invasive options:

Silhouette InstaLift®

In 2019, Dr. Damico introduced the Silhouette Instalift® “threads” treatment to his patients at Skin Care Fort Worth. Also known simply as the “thread lift”, Silhouette InstaLift® is a minimally-invasive (non-surgical) procedure and is one of Dr. Damico’s newest treatment options for patients seeking to improve the appearance of their mid and lower-face.

Volume without fillers

Lift without surgery

instalift® threads suture with cones

Silhouette InstaLift® threads redefine the contours of your cheeks by lifting the deeper layers of your skin and holding them up in place- just like you may have been doing to yourself in the mirror! Silhouette InstaLift® sutures (also known as “threads”) are made from a material that is well-known and has been used in the medical community for more than 30 years. This special material makes InstaLift® different from other thread treatments because the InstaLift® threads actually dissolve over time, adding subtle volume and a healthy glow to your face. Other threads, like PDO threads, do not dissolve and could even cause problematic scar tissue.

With the innovative InstaLift® treatment by Dr. Damico, you can enjoy both immediate lifting results and an improvement in your facial skin quality and volume over time. Still, many people think the best part about Silhouette InstaLift® is that there is less risk and less downtime than a traditional surgical face lift. 

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You can see immediate lifting results from the Silhouette InstaLift® thread procedure! The threads provide the physical lift and the cones help keep the threads in that elevated position. Sometimes, a slight depression/dimple/skin gathering may appear immediately after treatment along Dr. Damico’s entry and exit points due to tension from the lift of the threads. These irregularities will typically go away in about a week.

The collagen generation from the threads is a gradual process that promotes the new lifted position of your skin, giving you an increase in volume where you need it most. This collagen generation, which begins at 6 months and continues over time, restores the contours of your face and offers long-term results. The cones will start to dissolve about 12 months after your procedure. At about 24 months post-treatment, most of the InstaLift® materials will be dissolved by your body’s natural processes.

Dr. Damico will provide you with post-treatment recommendations and an aftercare program to follow to ensure that you receive the best possible result. Following the post-care instructions carefully is imperative to achieving the best results. 

The procedure cost varies according to each patient’s needs and the number of sutures required. Dr. Damico’s experience at Skin Care Fort Worth is that on average, patients will need 6 to 8 threads total. Treatment starts at $2800+.

If more threads are needed to achieve your desired results, the price will change accordingly. However, this is the most common treatment price. The number of sutures you need depends on your skin laxity, the condition of your skin and your aesthetic goals.

Consultations are required before we can schedule your treatment time with Dr. Damico. We may recommend a surgical consult with a trusted plastic surgeon when appropriate. 

InstaLift® is a good stepping stone between filler and the traditional surgical face lift. Patients often use this treatment to delay surgical intervention when fillers have reached their maximum personalized benefit.

Suitable candidates for InstaLift® have good skin quality, with mild sagging of the skin in the cheek area or mid-face. InstaLift® should not be used in patients who have very thin and/or soft facial tissue in which the threads may be easily felt through the skin. It is also not a suitable treatment in patients with excessive sagging and/or heavy skin on the face.

Dr. Damico requires patients who want an InstaLift® treatment to have a consultation before their treatment, during which we can discuss the entire treatment process.

On the day of your treatment, Dr. Damico will inject a local anesthetic (numbing shot) for the InstaLift® treatment areas. Once the numbing takes effect, it will help to provide you with a comfortable treatment experience. Dr. Damico will then use the InstaLift® sutures to artfully lift your face! Once the sutures have been placed, Dr. Damico will use the “cones” along the threads to fine-tune the lifted position of your skin. To optimize your results, you must pay close attention to our post-care procedures, including refraining from various strenuous activities for 1-2 weeks after your treatment.

A Silhouette InstaLift® treatment is out-patient and takes approximately 45 minutes as performed by Dr. Peter Damico at Skin Care Fort Worth. However, expect to spend around an hour and a half at the office due to prep time, numbing time, etc. 

Dr. Damico will give you a local anesthetic (numbing) for the treatment area to create an experience that is as pain-free as possible! Most patients have a largely pain-free experience, or some have minimal discomfort during the procedure. You will be awake during the treatment process, so this procedure does not have the risks involved with being put under general anesthesia.

Silhouette InstaLift® sutures are made from Poly/Glycolide/L-lactide (PLGA), which is frequently used in medical devices and has been shown to be well-tolerated by the body for many years. Silhouette InstaLift® earned FDA-clearance in April 2015.

If you are familiar with the injectable filler Sculptra®, you may think of the Silhouette InstaLift® as an upgrade that can provide both immediate and gradual results. The treatment is similar to Sculptra® in both its function and composition. However, InstaLift® differs greatly from Sculptra® because Scluptra® is an injectable gel, while InstaLift® is formed into threads/strings/sutures. You might imagine them as similar to dissolvable stitches. The InstaLift® threads also have 8 “cones” along them to keep the threads in place and optimize your lift.

After a Silhouette InstaLift® treatment, you may experience inflammation in the area of treatment. Symptoms may also include minor pain, swelling and bruising. Implantation of foreign materials in tissue can result in histological reactions. Other potential side effects include sensory nerve injury, asymmetry or banding.

Patients with known allergy or foreign-body sensitivities to plastic biomaterial should not receive treatment with InstaLift®. Treatment should be avoided in situations where internal fixation is otherwise contraindicated (e.g. if you currently have an infection). Patients appearing to have very soft tissue in which the threads may be visible or palpable should not receive treatment with InstaLift®. Material sensitivity/allergic reactions should be reported to Silhouette InstaLift®.

If you experience any side effects from a treatment received at Skin Care Fort Worth, call us immediately at (817) 738-9268.

This information on this page has been adapted from the official Silhouette InstaLift® patient and provider portals. For more safety information about Silhouette InstaLift® treatment, please visit their official website

Yeah, they really are 100% super duper free. Dr. Damico is passionate about educating his patients and only providing treatments that he knows can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Come see us to learn more- we look forward to meeting you!

Non-Surgical Nose Job

Rhinoplasty (altering your nose) is one of the most highly sought-after treatments in the cosmetic medicine world.

In a matter of minutes, a “liquid nose job” by Dr. Damico could give your nose a new appearance with injectable fillers instead of invasive surgery.

The procedure itself takes under 30 minutes, and patients love that they can see the results immediately. There might be some slight bruising after a non-surgical nose job, but typically there is little to no downtime.

A non-surgical nose job, or liquid rhinoplasty, uses hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvéderm® to almost instantly transform your nose. Dr. Damico takes a full-face approach to achieve natural-looking results and aesthetic harmony. The right nose for you should be all about you! 

Side profile of woman before non-surgical treatmentSide Profile after non-surgical liquid nose job

Real patient treated by Peter J. Damico, MD

Results can last between nine months and two years. Additionally, results are reversible. If you don’t like what you see after a non-surgical nose job, Dr. Damico could use a dissolving substance called hyaluronidase that can give you back your pre-procedure nose within 48 hours. For many, that’s a big advantage compared to surgery’s permanent changes.

However, sometimes fillers just won’t be able to give you the results you want. If Dr. Damico believes you are not a candidate for a liquid nose job, he will be happy to suggest a plastic surgeon in the Fort Worth area who will help you achieve the look you want! (Surgical rhinoplasties are not provided by Dr. Damico at Skin Care Fort Worth.)

For those looking to correct any nasal obstruction or chronic breathing problems, non-surgical nose jobs don’t improve those issues. The procedure is solely cosmetic.

Dr. Damico offers his signature non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure for $995. You may receive a “trial” treatment using saline instead of filler for $150. If you decide to move forward with a full treatment, the $150 will act as a deposit toward your full treatment cost.

Doctors agree that non-surgical nose jobs work best to correct minor cosmetic imperfections. Even though you are technically adding volume to the nose with filler, the nose actually appears smaller in many cases.

Adding filler to the tip of the nose can change your nasal tip symmetry, projection, rotation and shape. Dr. Damico can also use filler in the nostril rims to bring them downward. A liquid rhinoplasty can also even out irregularities along the nasal bridge, make the nose appear straighter, raise the nasal bridge, or conceal a dorsal hump.

Please be advised that people who have had previous injuries (broken nose) or facial reconstructive surgeries (including previous surgical rhinoplasty) carry a much greater-than-usual risk for complications from a liquid nose job treatment.

Awesome, we can’t wait to see you! Please note that consultations are required before we can schedule your treatment time with Dr. Damico. You can schedule your complimentary consultation here. Or, you can call (817)738-9268.

After you and Dr. Damico agree that the liquid nose job is the best option for you, we can put you on the schedule for your treatment time. Unfortunately, due to our scheduling protocols, we cannot schedule a consultation and treatment for the same day.

In the event that this treatment is not right for you, we can recommend a surgical consultation with a trusted plastic surgeon. 

Liquid Face Lift

A lift can do wonders for your face, but not everyone wants to go under the knife to get that refreshed look. People who want to restore their naturally youthful looks but also want to avoid the risks of surgery can choose to have a “liquid facelift” instead.

The complete package

A liquid facelift is what Dr. Damico calls “the complete package.” It’s not a single procedure, but instead is just a way for us to refer to a completely customized combination of several procedures that are intended to bring back your natural-looking, youthful appearance.

A liquid facelift may involve any number of available treatments, including Botox® and facial fillers. Botox® targets the muscles that create some of the wrinkles and fine lines on your face. Dermal fillers are used for filling in deeper lines or restoring lost volume. Juvéderm®, Voluma®, and Radiesse® are all considered dermal fillers, each with a specific place and reason Dr. Damico prefers to use them.

Dr. Damico always takes an artistic and wholistic approach. For that reason, the services we have available at Skin Care Fort Worth work in tandem to address your face as a whole, not just one area at a time!

front profile of woman before non-surgical face liftfront profile post-procedure woman

These are the treatments curated for this patient’s customized liquid face lift by Peter J. Damico, MD.

  • Radiesse® for facial contouring, wrinkle reduction
    • cheeks
    • jaw line
    • pre-jowls
    • nasolabial folds (parentheses lines)
  • Belotero® for facial lines and volume loss
    • perioral rhytids (wrinkles around the mouth)
    • chin
    • nasolabial folds
    • glabellar crease (brow lines)
    • crows feet
  • Volbella® for fine lines
    • perioral wrinkles (“smoker’s lines”)
  • Botox® for wrinkles
    • forehead
    • brow lift
    • glabella
    • crow’s feet
    • chin dimpling (“orange peel chin”)

At Skin Care Fort Worth, there are two typical approaches to a liquid facelift:

One approach is to address all concerns at a consult and receive treatment for everything at one appointment. This way, you will have immediate results following your treatment appointment. An appointment like this can last a few hours. While Dr. Damico certainly offers this option, we find that many patients prefer spreading the treatments out over a few appointment times.

The other option, then, is to achieve the lift over a period of time. Over the course of your treatment sessions, Dr. Damico will address your face in three different sections- top, middle, and lower face. Results from each individual session will still be immediate, but your overall look will take longer to achieve.

A few of the treatments that Dr. Damico offers, such as the liquid facelift, are so heavily based on each individual person’s needs that there is no way to know how much your treatment will cost unless you come to our office to have a consultation with us. This being said, a liquid facelift will typically involve around four different products to achieve a complete correction. Dr. Damico will discuss a completely customized plan for you which may cost anywhere from $2000-$6000 on average.

You may be shocked to learn this, and you might be wondering why you might invest this amount of money in a treatment plan that isn’t as permanent as a surgical face lift. Many people choose to have a liquid facelift instead of a surgical procedure because they don’t have time to recover from a surgery, although they plan on doing it someday. Others may feel that their concerns don’t warrant surgical intervention but would still like to look refreshed.

We recognize that having any aesthetic procedure is a completely personal decision. Dr. Damico is known for his honesty and will be the first to tell you if he believes surgery is your best option. 

Choosing a properly trained doctor to perform any aesthetic procedure will reduce the risk of side effects. You can ask any questions about your liquid facelift with Dr. Damico during your consultation or appointment. Some possible side effects include swelling, redness, bruising, and similar conditions common to injection sites. However, this is not a complete list of possible side effects.

You are welcome to explore your products’ official websites at any time for more complete safety information. 

Reading the information on this website is not a substitute for seeking professional advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of a qualified healthcare provider with any concerns you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment. This information is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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Important Safety Considerations and Information Regarding Dermal Fillers

The best way to avoid complications from a dermal filler treatment is to go to an experienced and certified cosmetic injector. Dr. Damico, who has provided cosmetic treatments in Fort Worth for over 15 years, takes the risks and complications of filler treatments seriously. In some cases, he may reserve the right to deny treatment if he believes the risk for any given procedure is too high.

Contraindications for treatment with dermal fillers:

Patients who are using medications that can prolong bleeding, such as aspirin, warfarin, or certain vitamins and supplements, may experience increased bruising or bleeding at the injection site. You may wish to discuss current medications with your personal doctor before receiving treatment if you are on any of these medications.

The safety of dermal fillers for use during pregnancy or in breastfeeding people has not been established. Dr. Damico does not provide any injectable aesthetic treatments to breastfeeding or pregnant people.

Possible side effects:

Possible risks of treatment with dermal filler include bruising, redness, swelling, itching, and pain. Any foreign material injected into the body creates a possibility of swelling or other local reactions. These symptoms are usually mild and last less than a week but can last longer.

You may be able to feel the fillers in the area where you were injected, and there is a risk that small lumps may form under your skin due to fillers collecting in one area. Dermal fillers, as with any filler material, may move from the place where it was injected.

The above list is not meant to be inclusive of all possible risks associated with hyaluronic acid fillers or dermal fillers in general, as there are both known and unknown side effects and complications associated with any hyaluronic acid fillers or dermal filler injection procedures. We make every effort to avoid complications. Anyone experiencing any adverse side effects is advised to call us immediately (24hrs day/7 days wk) at 817-738-9268.

For complete safety information, please visit the individual product sites:

Belotero Balance®