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Botox® 101: What is a Unit of Botox®?

What is a unit of Botox®?
What determines how much Botox® I will need?
How much Botox® is in one unit?
What’s your Botox® recipe at Skin Care Fort Worth? Dr. Damico answers these questions and more.

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Botox® 101: Bruxism Relief and Jaw Slimming

One of the creative ways that Dr. Damico likes to use Botox® is for the jaw! Treating your jaw with Botox® has several benefits including relief from TMJ disorder and all the related headaches. Treating your jaw muscle with a larger dose of Botox® can also help slim your jawline. 

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5 Myths About Botox®

If you start a conversation with someone about cosmetic procedures, you will surely fall on the topic of Botox® injections. People who consider this treatment have likely already heard plenty about it, and not all of what they’ve heard is positive. However, there is a lot of misinformation out there!

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